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A little more than a decade ago, a lost tooth posed a challenge as there were few options for replacement. While permanent teeth are meant to provide a lifetime of function, it doesn't always work out that way. Accidents, deep cavities and gum disease are common causes of permanent tooth loss and even one missing tooth can disrupt the complex functions of chewing and speaking. As teeth slowly shift and migrate into gaps left behind by missing teeth, cracks and excessive wear can occur, compounding oral health issues.

Missing Tooth or Teeth?

Whether it's one tooth or a full set, when it comes time to replace missing teeth, dental implants can give you the opportunity to resume normal chewing and enjoy a full smile.  Replacing missing teeth with implants brings your mouth back to full function and well-being. Custom porcelains can be made to match your natural teeth perfectly, whether it's one or more missing teeth. There are several implant options to cover multiple scenarios, from single crowns to complex bridges.

Dental solutions supported by implants brings you as close to growing new teeth as possible. Dental Implants are a long-lasting, natural looking choice offering you the strength and function of natural teeth. Implants are expertly placed in the same bone that once supported your teeth and modern porcelains produce a natural looking result that will have others completely unaware that they aren't your natural teeth. Dentures and/or bridges can also be attached to implants, making them an excellent choice for one or more missing teeth. The function, stability and restored sense of confidence you experience with implants will leave you pleasantly surprised.

The Problem with Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a problematic dental issue if the gap is left unfilled for a length of time. Beyond the obvious hole in your smile, missing teeth can also:

  • Cause bite and jaw joint problems because your remaining teeth eventually shift to fill the space left by missing teeth, changing their natural alignment.
  • Leave you with a sunken looking face. As with all bones, use and resistance is what keeps your jawbone strong. Without the natural pressure applied when your teeth chew against one another, the jawbone underneath becomes weak. The loss of some of its structural support can cause your face to look hollow. Like Grandpa without his teeth!
  • Impact your overall health. Gaps left by missing teeth can make eating some foods more difficult. If you are missing teeth, you may find yourself avoiding some foods which can have an impact on your nutrition.


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What Exactly Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium fixture (root) that is surgically placed in your jaw, to which an abutment (artificial tooth, crown or bridge) is permanently attached. Over a period of weeks or months, through a process called osseointegration, your jawbone fuses to the implant. Once the implant is healed into your jawbone, an artificial tooth such as a dental crown or other dental restoration is attached to the implant.

What Is The Cost of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often considered the best permanent tooth replacement option in practice today. The cost, in terms of dollars, will depend on the number of teeth to be replaced, the state of your oral health prior to treatment and the extent of treatment required. Dental Implants require a level of commitment up front in terms of healing time once the implants have been installed before the abutment/s can be applied. However, most patients agree the long-term benefits of dental implants very often outweigh the short-term costs. If you would like to find out if dental implants are the best tooth replacement treatment option for you, please schedule a consultation with us.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are full or partial dentures which are anchored into the mouth using one or more dental implants. Dental implants consist of an artificial root structure made of titanium which is screwed into the jawbone and bonds with the surrounding bone in a process known as osseointegration. While a singular implant may support a single artificial tooth, it may also attach to full or partial dentures. Different configurations are available including ‘all-on-four’ dentures which are full dentures anchored into the jaw using four implants on the upper and the lower jaw respectively.

Although dentures are not susceptible to the effects of acid and plaque themselves, the natural soft tissues that surround them are. For this reason, it is important to remove implant retained dentures for cleaning. Implant retained dentures reduce the risk and severity of bone resorption after the loss of the natural teeth.

How Can A Dental Implant Help?

Today’s dental implants with artificial teeth are the closest you can get to re-growing your natural teeth. For most people, they are strong, stable, durable and virtually undetectable. Implants can restore chewing ability and jaw joint stability by filling gaps left by missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implant restorations are fixed in place and do not come out, providing some advantages such as:

  • Comfort - because they are fused to your jawbone, dental implants look and feel very much like your own natural teeth. This also helps to eliminate the pain or discomfort caused by loose or ill-fitting dentures. No glues or gadgets necessary!
  • Improved appearance - dental implants fill in the gap or gaps left by missing teeth, restoring your natural smile.
  • Clearer speech and easier eating – gaps in your teeth or dentures that do not fit well can make your words sound slurred or make chewing more difficult.
  • Stronger oral health - dental implants usually do not require any alteration of your existing teeth. The more intact healthy teeth you have, the better your overall oral hygiene and health can be.

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